My Name is Jane

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My Name Is Jane is an ongoing project that explores women from all different backgrounds who share one common ground: their name.

Each and every Jane who has taken part in this project has been photographed in identical studio and lighting conditions, delivering an artistic and anthropological study of one of the world’s most common and often misunderstood names.

The idea was conceived in 2009 but it wasn’t until January 2016 that the first Jane was photographed at Rokeby Studios in Collingwood, Melbourne. Since then, we have interviewed, filmed and photographed 60 Janes in Melbourne, Paris and London. Spanning from scientists to students, actors to activists, the women we’ve spoken to show us that there is nothing plain about being a Jane.

“I think it will be fascinating to learn about the diverse and wonderful array of Janes out there in the world” – Jane Elizabeth Hendy.

13 October — 13 November
Rokeby Gallery 90-94 Rokeby Street, Collingwood Victoria

Friday 13 October 6–9pm


Creative Direction: Daniel Pollock

Photographer: Jared Beck

Photographer: Tracey Lee Hayes

Producer: Rosey Karaula

Design: Jeff Albert

Website: Jake Bonin

Hair & Makeup: Claire Leighton

Studios: Rokeby Studios, Melbourne | Russian Club, London | E-Studios, Paris

Project Manager: Allison Pellaers

Print Sponsors: Arten Fine Art Printing

Cheers: Stella Artois

Saluti: San Pellegrino


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